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We specialise in the fabrication and installation of Balustrades by combining extensive technical knowledge and high-quality service. Highly functional in nature, the right Balustrades can not only create a safety barrier, but also revitalise tired hallways and foyers, open up existing spaces with increased sunlight and add a touch of luxury with our modern designs. External Glass Balustrades can improve the quality and functionality of your home balcony, public buildings or commercial office spaces. It allows you to enjoy the views offered by your property, while at the same time protecting your property from outside elements.

Framed Showers

Framed showers create a refined, upscale and modern look that adds value to your home and is easy to maintain. Framed showers are intended to give your bathroom form and structure, creating an overall pleasing flow. This innovative telescopic design is manufactured economically and allows the one screen to fit a range of sizes, as opposed to a custom-made screen which is reliant on very detailed measurements. Our skilled technicians will assist you in finding the most suitable product to match your style and budget.


Glass splashbacks are a fantastic alternative to tiled splashbacks and can highlight the best features of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Glass splashbacks are the perfect solution for the time conscious home owner – no more time spent cleaning out dirty grout areas! We have wide variety of splashbacks for you to choose from, including coloured, patterned or mirrored. If you are after a mirrored splashback, we offer three options; silver, grey and bronze for a touch of luxury.

Please note, glass has a naturally green tinge which in some instances can affect the colour of the finished product. Initial colour sampled may not match with the splashback. Lighter colours are more susceptible to this.

Frameless Showers

Elegant, stylish and simple in design. Frameless showers are the ultimate statement piece. A frameless shower screen is the touch of luxury that your bathroom needs.
Our range is unapparelled in quality and design. Our panels are easy to clean and maintain and create a feeling of light and space in your bathroom.
Frameless showers use only a small amount of hardware to connect the panels, this system is self-supported and can be fixed into place with either clips or channel fixings.
Hardware is available in the following finishes: polished chrome, satin and matte black.
Other custom finishes are available upon request.


Mirrors are the mysterious pieces of art that create the illusion of a small room appearing bigger and a dark room appearing lighter. A mirror can be used to increase light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. The bigger the mirror, the brighter the space! We can provide stunning mirrors with a high-quality finish for any space. This includes custom bathroom, bedroom, vanity and living room mirrors. The options are limitless!

Semi-Frameless Showers

With a slim, aluminium perimeter frame and a frameless pivot or sliding door, the semi-frameless shower option is both classy and structurally durable. Adding a semi frameless shower that features various door and panel configurations is a great way to minimize water leakage while still satisfying the element of luxury in your bathroom.

Semi-Frameless Showers are available in the following colours/finishes: Bright Natural (chrome), Matte Natural (matte silver), Almond Cream, Bright Gold, White, White Birch and Black.

Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are a simple and stylish way of adding functional storage and maximising your space. We can provide you with a large selection of sliding wardrobe doors with a range of different finished and styles to choose from. Our sliding wardrobe doors can be tailor made to your personal taste and needs.
Sliding doors are available in several material finishes: Black, Wild Grey, White Birch, APO Grey, Almond Cream, Almond Ivory, White, Bright Satin, Bright Bronze, Bright Gold, Bright Natural, Matte Bronze, Matte Gold and Matte Natural.
All our mirrored doors have a vinyl safety backing applied directly on the mirror. This is designed to prevent large shards of glass from falling out the door if it breaks or shatters. You can choose between hidden or standards frames in a large range of colours.
Additional to this, you can choose from a range of panel options to meet your design and style requirements. Safety mirror is available in either Silver, Grey, or painted glass (which adds a new feature to your design!) These luxurious doors will take a conventional home improvement and make a design statement built around class and elegance.

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